Academic Council

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The Academic Council was founded to address the main university issues. The Academic Council of Donetsk National University is a collegial body of the university, ensuring the principle of self-government at the university under the authorities conferred upon it and is established for a five-year term.

The ex officio members of the Academic Council are rector, first vice-rector, vice-rectors, deans, directors of institutes and technical schools, academic secretary, director of the library, chief accountant, heads of trade union committees of the university staff and students, as well as the elective members representing the academic staff of the university (among professors and heads of departments, doctors of science) and the elective representatives working at the university on a permanent basis from among the people studying at the university.

The Academic Council can include up to 72 members.

The head of the university Academic Council is the rector.

All the decisions are made according to the results of meeting sessions and are put into effect by the decree of the rector.